About Me

As the CEO of Agilit-e, John Jardin is constantly researching and mastering various cutting edge technologies, testing and proofing them to be production ready for real world application in various business industries. The technologies and platforms John specialise in are focused primarily around cloud, mobile, integration, microservices and devops.

Agilit-e (John’s Microservice Middleware Platform) is his go to product for delivering rapid, powerful and performant solutions. Agilit-e is a “Business Requirements as a Service” platform that provides the following in the form of profiled microservices:

– Business Process Management
– User Management & Roles
– Tier Structures and Key/Value Store
– Integration and Database Connectors
– Cognitive Bot Transactions
– and much more

Over the past 18 years John has developed and implemented over 280 line-of-business solutions, ranging from HR, production management, marketing, e-commerce, consumer apps and others.

Since 2012, John has presented technology-related sessions at various events around the world (Orlando / San Francisco / Las Vegas / Netherlands / Denmark / etc.)

John is currently an IBM ICS Champion (From 2013 to 2019), an IBM Cloud Champion (From 2016 to 2019), and an HCL Master (2019).

Apart from licensing his product, John provides specialised services for on-premise and cloud environments, whether it be integrating business applications, microservice development and deployments, devops, IoT, mentoring and training, etc.