IBM Bluemix and Node.js Battle – Challenge 5 is almost upon us

IBM Bluemix and Node JS Battle

It’s almost Wednesday and Challenge 5 of the IBM Bluemix and Node.js Battle is a few hours away from being live. I definitely cannot wait especially because it’s related to debugging code.

IBM Bluemix and Node.js Battle: Challenge-5

IBM Bluemix and Node.js what?

For those who are not sure what I’m referring to, take a look at the the below 3 articles I’ve published. They’ll give you a full overview of the competition as well as what to expect based on my experience last week.

IBM Bluemix and Node.js Battle – Part 1: Entering the lion’s den

IBM Bluemix and Node.js Battle – Part 2: Preparing for Battle

IBM Bluemix and Node.js Battle – Part 3: I Stand Bleeding Code

What is Challenge 5 about?

All I know about Challenge 5 is that they are going to provide us with written code and we’ll need to debug and fix it. I must say this is my favourite kind of reactive coding…fixing stuff ?.

I don’t think they’ll make it as easy as just having 1 function that’s failing. I’m guessing it’ll be a logic issue in the code where a formula is not producing the correct result and the logic needs to be tweaked.


I know that since publishing my 3 articles above, there’s been a few people who’ve raised their hands to take on these challenges, so that’s very good to know. Remember, it’s not too late to join in on the competition. You can still take on the previous 4 challenges and there are prizes for each challenge as well as an overall prize of 500 Euros.

Feel free to connect with me either by commenting on this post or on Twitter. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have of what to expect on Coderpower for this competition, as long as it’s not cheating ?.

Cheers for now

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