IBM Bluemix and Node.js Battle – Part 1: Entering the lion’s den

IBM Bluemix and Node JS Battle

There is a competition on the go called the “IBM Bluemix and Node.js battle“. Have they sparked my interest to participate? Absolutely!

The bad news is that the competition has already started and we’re now in the 2nd half of it, with 3 challenges left. The good news is that with 3 challenges left, there’s still a chance to win in each of the challenges and take away some awesome prizes. What prizes you ask? Smartplanes people! mobile controlled Smartplanes!

What we know about the IBM Bluemix and Node.JS Battle

  • It started on the 20th January 2016 (Wednesday) and ends on the 2nd March 2016
  • There are 6 weeks between these 2 dates and there’s a challenge for each week
  • The 4th challenge commences today – Wednesday 10th February 2016
  • There’s a prize for each challenge in the form of Smartplanes
  • There’s a grand prize of 500 Euros at the end of the competition
  • What you need to join is an IBM Bluemix Account (30 day free trial if you’re signing up for the first time)

What are the next steps

Right now all I know is what I’ve mentioned above. My immediate task is to dig deeper and see where this rabbit hole takes me and if this competition is as awesome as what it looks. I have to admit…the landing page of this competition is brilliantly done and is the main inspiration for me participating. Well done to all those to kicked off this competition. I just wish I knew about it a few weeks ago.

I’ll be submitting a second post within the next 24 hours, providing more insight into what’s going on and the difficulty level of participating. Essentially, I’ll do my best to provide transparency and then you all can decide if you want to join or not ?.

So for now, wish me luck…Stay tuned…I’ll be providing feedback very soon.


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