Going to IBM Think? Join the Think2Ski Social Weekend


As we work our way through the month of January, announcements of event schedules, selected speakers, IBM Champions, etc., becoming overwhelming in a good way. To throw a stone in the “ice” pond, mr Bill Malchisky has organised an exciting alternative to how most will end their week after IBM Think in Las Vegas: Presenting Think2Ski.

Think 2 Ski

What is Think2Ski?

In short, it’s a well planned weekend of socialising, reflection, business networking and of course…skiing. It’s important to note that skiing is optional. In fact, there are a number of individuals attending the weekend who won’t be skiing and are rather there for the socials. Anyone in the IBM community is welcome to join.

Thanks to Bill, everything is already well organised, including a beer bus that will take you on a scenic trip from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City, reduced rates at a great hotel, optional skiing on the Saturday and/or Sunday as well as a planned event on Friday evening. You can find more information via Bill’s blog post and via the Think2Ski website.

My Thoughts on the Think2Ski Weekend

When Bill mentioned the Think2Ski weekend, I was excited, yet cautious. My first thought was “What do I know about skiing and the cold temperatures that come with it“. Remember, I’m from South Africa. Skiing is not common here.

However, after chatting with Bill, I am pleasantly surprised at how affordable and seamless the weekend is going to be. Bill has already organised everything and consolidated the entire weekend’s arrangements on to 1 website. Without further thought I reserved a hotel room and booked myself on to the beer bus.

I know a few bookings have already been made and more are to come. From my side, I highly recommend this weekend to anyone in the IBM community. Just a note on the trip to Salt Lake City: Bill has included details of flying through should that be your preferred option. However, I would recommend the beer bus trip to all and hope it becomes the preferred method of travel for most.

Thanks all for reading this post. I’ll be blogging more about IBM Think soon enough. Till next time…

John ?

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