Istio: Part 1 – The Journey Begins

IBM Bluemix - Istio

This is a start of a series of articles that I will be submitting, focusing on all things Cloud, Containerization, Microservices and of course…Istio.

The Istio Announcement

Last week an interesting announcement was made: IBM, Google and Lyft give microservices a ride on the Istio Service Mesh.

IBM and Google announced the launch of Istio, an open technology that provides a way for developers to seamlessly connect, manage and secure networks of different microservices—regardless of platform, source or vendor.

Some key Istio features include:

  • Automatic zone-aware load balancing and failover for HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2, gRPC, and TCP traffic.
  • Fine-grained control of traffic behavior with rich routing rules, fault tolerance, and fault injection.
  • A pluggable policy layer and configuration API supporting access controls, rate limits and quotas.
  • Automatic metrics, logs and traces for all traffic within a cluster, including cluster ingress and egress.
  • Secure service-to-service authentication with strong identity assertions between services in a cluster.

The who and what now?

Yup. Pretty much what I was thinking when I read the announcement. While I pride myself in developing powerful, fast and stable integration services, the concept of creating and deploying microservices via a Continuous Integration, DevOps and Containerization strategy is quite foreign to me. Buzzwords like Kubernetes, service delivery, Minikube, service portals just made me realize how little I know.

But, instead of writing everything off as a bad movie, I decided it was time for a new challenge.

I know one thing; that I know nothing – Socrates

Let it be known that right now, I know little about DevOps and Containerization. So think of these blog posts as glorified journal entries, where I not only log my findings and eureka moments, but also provide tutorials to help myself and you (the reader) get a good understanding of this Microservice world.

My Learning Path So Far

For those who can’t wait for my articles and instead just want to know what I am using to skill up on DevOps, Containerization, Microservices and Istio, below is the path I’m currently on. I’ve placed the entries in order of what makes sense to me, so hopefully it works for you as well. Be sure to bookmark this post as I will be updating this section quite frequently

If you feel these videos or courses are not making sense, it’s best then to wait for my articles, as I have every intention of helping others by easing them into these technologies.


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Cheers for now

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