Node-RED – Part 1: Introduction to Video Series


Welcome to Part 1 of my “Up and Running with Node-RED” video series. I’ve been planning this for the longest time and finally at the point of getting it released.

Over the next few days I will be releasing a number of video tutorials on how to get up and running with Node-RED, both on your local environment and in the cloud.

Node-RED: The diamond in the rough

It is my firm belief that anyone who considers themselves an IT engineer, whether software, administration or operations, needs to be using Node-RED as part of their strategy. Node-RED is a programming tool that allows the wiring of nodes to form what is called “Flows”. These nodes allow the communication and integration with hardware devices, APIs, online services and much more.

In short, it’s microservice workflows on steroids.

Introduction Video

The video below provides an introduction to the video series as well as a basic overview of Node-RED. Stay tuned for many more to come.

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