Node-RED – Part 2: Setup Node-RED on IBM Cloud


Welcome to part 2 of my Up and Running with Node-RED video series. In Part 1 I provided an introduction to the series as well as a basic understanding of Node-RED.

In this video tutorial, I take one through a step by step process on how to setup a Node-RED runtime on IBM Cloud (aka IBM Bluemix).


Why Node-RED on IBM Cloud?

In case you aren’t aware, Node-RED is available on IBM Cloud as well as AWS, Microsoft Azure and SenseTecnic FRED. The reason I prefer running it on IBM Cloud is because of the additional nodes that come pre-installed with the runtime. These include:

  • IBM IoT
  • OpenWhisk
  • Cloudant
  • DashDB
  • Weather Insights
  • and of course…IBM Watson

It’s Video Time

I trust you will enjoy this video. Stay tuned for more great Node-RED content including how to setup a runtime on your local machine.

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