Node-RED – Part 4: Understanding the Node-RED Editor


Welcome to part 4 of my Up and Running with Node-RED video series. In Part 3 I showed you how to setup a Node-RED runtime on one’s local machine. In this video tutorial, I explain the Node-RED editor in detail, providing you with everything you need to know to make the most of designing simple/advanced flows in your browser.

An innovative browser-based Node-RED Flow Editor for everyone

The power of Node-RED is not only how it manages transactional flows on the server-side (whilst remaining seriously lightweight), but also in it’s UI layer. When you realize what you can do in the editor, you’re baffled at how well everything is structured.

I’ve even taken it to an extreme and used the editor on tablet devices. While it’s not as user friendly as on a desktop computer (with mouse and keyboard), it still works well and you can get the job done.

But enough about that. The video below will show you all you need to know to understand the awesomeness that is Node-RED.

Enjoy ?



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