Postman Tip: How to view a chart breaking down an API’s response time

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I’m not too sure how long this has been around in Postman, but I accidentally stumbled upon this yesterday and thought to blog about it.

After executing a 3rd party’s REST API in Postman, I noticed it took surprisingly long to run (about 40 seconds). This confused me, as the response was a 2MB JSON payload consisting of about 800 records. Over a 100MB fibre line this should’ve taken a few seconds at most.

Not thinking about it, I hovered the mouse pointer over the response time value. To my surprise, a chart popped up, providing a rundown of the transaction and more importantly, the duration each part took.

Postman response time analysis

From this chart, I could see that it took around 54 milliseconds to establish a connection to the endpoint, of which I waited around 36 seconds before the response started downloading.

This report showed me that there were no delays connecting or downloading the information. Rather, the delay was the endpoint’s server-side logic.

I hope this proves valuable for everyone.
Cheers for now


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